Monday, March 5, 2012

RV & Camper Show

Wow!  Do I ever want a new Camper!!!!!

 I can't believe how nice some of them are now, but we did it, we left without spending a dime or buying a new camper. As much as we wanted to buy a new one, we didn't do it!

Here's a few pics of the inside of some of the campers we saw, and also the Layout's of two of campers that we will be purchasing in the near future!!! hehehehehe

Here is the Layout of the camper that I am totally in love with (it has an island) : 

This is my second the size of the area, and the space at the rear for the little guy!!!

This is inside a camper...can you believe it....amazing!!!!

I love the floors!!

This was is the inside of our second choice, I really love the flooring and the I should have taken more pics of the area!!!  Love it!

I think that by then end of this year ...OK well maybe next summer....I'll have a new camper!!  I can't wait!!

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